Pier 55 Awards New York Decks Full Carpentry Contract

New York Decks is proud to announce that it has been awarded the full carpentry scope of the new, soon to be most iconic pier in New York City, Pier 55 ( sometimes referred to as ‘Diller’s Island’ after the billionaire tech investor and philanthropist who is privately funding the 250M project )

We will be responsible for building the decks, benches, handrails and the outdoor amphitheater at the northwestern corner of the island.

The pier and its concrete champagne glass shaped heads are currently going in off the river’s edge at the Meatpacking District from giant barges outfitted with huge waterborne cranes. New York Deck’s portion of the project will be underway in the summer of 2020 and the on-site work will be performed by our union carpenters.

The pier, designed by Thomas Heatherwick ( designer of Hudson Yard’s ‘Vessel’ ) is where art, architecture, and engineering combine to provide a spectacular 3 acre outdoor forested recreational space replete with grassy hills, meandering walkways, and a multi-hundred seat music and cultural venue.