Space can be a rare commodity in most urban areas. And it’s something that many homeowners would want to have more of. So when you can’t find extra room for greenery or a seating area, New York Decks has a solution for you: a roof terrace.

One of the most overlooked and underused part of a building, a roof can be transformed into an area for relaxation, recreation, and entertainment. We come up with stunning roof terrace design ideas to convert a once-boring spot into a delightful outdoor setting from which to breathe the fresh air, and enjoy either solitude or the company of friends amid amazing skyline and city views.

Check out some of the roof terrace ideas from our extensive portfolio of rooftop projects:


Roof Terrace Ideas by New York Decks

Roof Terrace

Tribeca Penthouse Roof Terrace


This stunning perch with a beautiful skyline view makes for a perfect setting for hosting small gatherings with friends or family. It features a palette of gray and white, from the outdoor dining and kitchen with barbecue to the lounge with glass-encased fire table down to the sectional with waterfall feature. Handsome wood decking and trimmed trees in planters provide contrast, breaking the monotonous color of the matte stone floor.


Roof Terrace Ideas

Tribeca Triplex Rooftop Terrace


Making the most out of a communal space, New York Decks frames its iconic views with a variety of unique trees and plants. A fountain on a wood-paneled wall flanked by trellises serve as a focal point of this rooftop terrace that also has a lounge, barbecue area, and Jacuzzi.


roof top terrace

Williamsburg Rooftop Terrace


Serving as an extension of the home’s interiors, the roof terrace evokes peace and tranquility. Expansive glass doors open up to a charming area with chic seating and planters where one can bask in the bright summer sky.


Roof Terrace Designs

South Brooklyn Roof Terrace


The combination of sun and shade, wood elements and pavement make this common terrace an interesting spot. A shady pergola with integrated seating is flanked by wood plank planters, creating a cool atmosphere. Behind it is another set of planters and benches in a sunny setting that allows for enjoying the clear morning or starlit sky.



Here’s a roof terrace design that allows you to lounge in style and enjoy New York’s outdoors. The space features a cozy seating area, a 10-seater dining section and barbecue grill, and a pool tub and sun lounger on an elevated wooden deck.


Central Park West Penthouse Roof Terrace Ideas

Central Park West Penthouse Roof Terrace Ideas


Overlooking the lovely green canopy of New York’s iconic Central Park, this penthouse terrace reflect the contemporary vibe of its surroundings. A dining area and barbecue, sectionals on an elevated wooden deck and accent wall with waterfall feature make this area a cozy spot to while away the time.


Yoga Roof Terrace


New York Decks’ signature wood decking is placed all over, from the floor to the integrated seats to the planter boxes. A pocket rock garden and lush foliage add to the calming Zen-like feel.


Eastside Penthouse Roof Terrace


Behold a spectacular view of New York’s city skyline while unwinding in this fully furnished rooftop terrace. Besides featuring New York Decks’ signature decks, custom high-end screens hide away rooftop utilities and visible air vents. Form and function, indeed.


Ghostbusters Building Roof Terrace Design


This iconic building — a 19-floor housing cooperative in the Upper West Side of Manhattan — is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. We are proud to have helped improve its terrace, now boasting multiple seating areas, wood-and-granite countertop, and lush greenery that create a perfect setting for laid-back gatherings.


If you’re looking to create the roof deck of your dreams, why not visit our project page for more roof deck ideas. You can explore all the options and get inspiration for your next project.