New York Decks Won 1st Place in the NADRA Commercial Outdoor Living Project


Our largest commercial project to date is built on an approximately 11,000 SF set back terrace that wraps around a 50-story commercial tower in the heart of Hudson Yards in NYC. Perched from the 10th floor of the building, it serves as an exhilarating outdoor respite from the bustling interior offices of a major financial firm that wanted to offer its employees healthy alternatives to work, dine, and relax all within the office complex. Wind uploads that are created by the forces of the Hudson River, and, in equal measure, the narrow passage for air funneling between the tower and the neighboring 90 story Equinox Hotel, fostered an innovative method of anchoring a porcelain tile recreational platform to the building slab. New York Decks worked with the building engineers and design staff to create a unique undercarriage that is capable of withstanding the extreme uploads that occur during 140 MPH winds. The all- aluminum undercarriage is anchored to the roof slab with custom made tang-on-plate bases that accept the aluminum primary and secondary cross frames. After the undercarriage grid was established the rails that are a part of the Mirage tile system were bolted down and the grooved-edge tile was installed.

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