55 Hudson Yards Project Update – March 2019

55 Hudson Yards, is a 1.3-million-square-foot office building located at the intersection of Hudson Yards, the High Line and Hudson Park & Boulevard. The building will stand 780 feet tall with the entrance located just across from the No. 7 Subway station.

New York Decks is now half way through the installation of the next generation, ultra high wind, uplift resistant, lightweight roof top decking systems, the first of its kind to be built in New York City..

The complex aluminum undercarriage was developed jointly by New York Decks and the engineering team at 55 Hudson Yards to satisfy the demand that they remain intact during 140 MPH wind events.

The current NYC Department Of Building design standard is 98mph. This first of its kind system is ready for the extreme weather conditions that are forecast for NYC in the 21st century.The roof terrace porcelain pavers shown were developed in Europe by Mirage, the Italian manufacturer, and designed to be mechanically clipped down into place onto the multi level aluminum framing. New York Decks worked closely with the architects, engineers, suppliers and manufacturers to develop this unique system.